Learning with the kids

  1. Corrente Foundation

  2. Archi Porta Nuova

    The arches of Porta Nuova

  3. Palazzo Borromeo D'Adda

  4. Alessi

  5. Alessandro Manzoni's House

    Storie Milanesi
  6. Gallerie d'Italia

  7. Monument to Leonardo da Vinci

  8. Museo Poldi Pezzoli

    Poldi Pezzoli

Learning with the kids

Across the center of Milan

A wealth of surprises is to be discovered in the homes that surround the Public Gardens, including the swallows in flight on the facade of the Corrente Foundation. Having made your way through the Arches of Porta Nuova (amid the Roman tombstones there is one that depicts a full family), you can enter the aristocratic Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda, with its delightful internal garden. Your children are sure to be interested in the playfully designed products on sale at Alessi, on Via Manzoni. Heading on towards Piazza della Scala (with a short visit to the Casa di Manzoni, the home of the novelist Alessandro Manzoni) you can engage with one of the numerous educational events staged by the Gallerie d’Italia (Galleries of Italy), and also cast a glance at the Monument to Leonardo da Vinci. You can end the walk visiting the close Poldi Pezzoli Museum.






Case Museo Milano


Storie Milanesi is a website to discover Milan through the lives of 15 of its most esteemed citizens: their house museums, artists studios, architectural firms and designs. STORIEMILANESI.ORG
Segreteria Organizzativa c/o Fondazione Artistica Poldi Pezzoli “Onlus” Ente Capofila Via A. Manzoni, 12 - 20121 Milano - c.f. 80068270158 - p.iva 04265690158

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