Around Casa Boschi Di Stefano

  1. Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano

    Boschi di Stefano
  2. Giò Marconi Gallery

  3. Parts of the former leper hospital

  4. Church of San Carlo at the Lazzaretto

  5. Parrucchiere Gino

  6. Casa Galimberti

  7. Casa Guazzoni

  8. Biblioteca Venezia


Around Casa Boschi Di Stefano

Walk the famous Corso Buenos Aires

With the energetic thoroughfare of Corso Buenos Aires in the immediate vicinity, visitors to Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano find themselves a stone’s throw from one of Milan’s main shopping streets. Not far away are two areas that are ripe for further investigation: parallel to Corso Buenos Aires, Via Tadino is home to several art galleries, like the historical Giò Marconi. Heading back towards the city centre, you come to the area of the city known as the “ex Lazzaretto”, since it once played host to the Leper Hospital – the church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto is what remains of its former incarnation. Nearby, there are numerous restaurants serving up ethnic cuisine, above all African and Oriental, while the barbershop called Parrucchiere Gino is something of a time capsule, having first opened its doors in 1899. Parallel to Corso Buenos Aires, you come to Via Spallanzani and then Via Malpighi – an area with beautiful Art Nouveau houses such as Casa Guazzoni and, opposite, Casa Galimberti. Famed for its decorative floral stonework is the building that houses the Biblioteca Venezia (Venezia Library). Appropriately, the lush greenery of the Giardini Pubblici (Public Gardens) is just yards away.






Case Museo Milano


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