Founded in 1906 to sell antique Persian rugs (Illulian is the surname of the founders), it assumed its new guise in 1959, adding to its offering the production of fabrics and rugs with original prints, remaining squarely in the craft field. The business has never moved from its original premises, and the third generation of the founding family now runs it.

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 37-41, Milano
02 6575418
Monday 3.00pm - 7.30pm, from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm | 3.00pm - 7.30pm


    Case Museo Milano


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    Segreteria Organizzativa c/o Fondazione Artistica Poldi Pezzoli “Onlus” Ente Capofila Via A. Manzoni, 12 - 20121 Milano - c.f. 80068270158 - p.iva 04265690158

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