Fondazione Corrente – Studio Treccani

Fondazione Corrente – Studio Treccani

“If you raise your eyes to a point slightly lower than the real sky, you will find another – terrestrial – sky. It is a painter’s dream for his city”. With these words, Ernesto Treccani invited us to look at the “house of the swallows”, where – on more than two thousand blue maiolica tiles – the artist painted numerous swallows in flight. Since 1978, the building – which served as Treccani’s home and studio – has housed the Corrente Foundation, and has been geared towards highlighting the period of art history in which the Corrente Movement was developed. Today it is a cultural centre with a large library, a sound archive and a photo archive, which are open for consultation.

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    Segreteria Organizzativa c/o Fondazione Artistica Poldi Pezzoli “Onlus” Ente Capofila Via A. Manzoni, 12 - 20121 Milano - c.f. 80068270158 - p.iva 04265690158

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